Sales & Quotes


Sell your product or services registered in the system. With Express Receipt/Invoice you can sell products/services quickly that are not registered in the system.

Show Receipts/Invoices

Reproduce or show the sales receipt, invoice you have generated from the system.


Take product return from customer or exchange with other product.

Sales Parking

You can park a sale and continue to a new sale, come back later to the parked sale to complete it.

Accounts Receivable

Shows the accounts receivables from your customer.

Payment Received

Shows the record for payment received against accounts receivables fro your customer.

Barcode Scanner

Make sales quickly and easily by barcode scanners of different makes and models supported.

General & Thermal POS printing

Directly print your receipts, invoices and quotes to general printer and Thermal POS printer.

Show Quotes

Reproduce or show the quote you have generated from the system.

Quote to Sales

Make cash or credit sale from the quote you have generated.

Sales Quote

Generate quotes or estimates for the products or services registered in the system. With Express Quotes you can make quotes for unregistered products or services.

Products & Services

Product/Service Promotions

Sell your products or services with promotional offers.

Product/Service Categories

Create and assign product or services to categories.

Inventory Tracking

Add new inventory, modify inventory of products, get the notification of products need reorder.

Product Expiry

Record your product expiry.

Reorder Notification

Set the stock reorder level of your product to get reorder notification.

Generate Barcode Label

Generate barcode label for your products and sell them by scanning barcodes.


Sales Reports

Detailed sales reports to get sales overview for day, weeks, months, sales by products/services, sales by categories.

Inventory Reports

Inventory on hand, low stock, product performance reports.

Receivables Reports

Accounts receivables reports of 15, 30 , 90 days older credit sales.

Register Reports

Day to day register entries.


Customer Details

Get your customers outstanding, credits, credit limit at glance with customer transaction details.

Receive Advance

Record advance received from your customers.

Users & Permissions

Unlimited Users

Create users as you like to restrict access or log user activity.

Functionality Permissions

Give your user access permissions based on specific functionality.


Detailed Register

Detailed register entries with wide range of search options.
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