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Go to “Sales” > “Show Sales“.

In case you need to perform sales return operations Aunko made it easy and straightforward.

To find a specific receipt or invoice provide the receipt or invoice number in the search box Receipt/Invoice No and click the Search.

Click the right mouse over the sale you want to exchange or return, select the Exchange/Return to This Receipt/Invoice.

Provide the Quantity, Reason of the returning product.

Select Return Operations:

  1. Give cash back to customer: Give the customer the price of the products in cash that he/she bought.
  2. Give replacement of the item: Give the customer the same product as return.
  3. Give another item/s for return: Applicable when the customer wants another item/product by returning the item purchased. Customer must buy more or equivalent amount than he/she bought.
  4. Make credit adjustment to customer: Credit adjustment possible only if the item/product bought in credit and not paid yet by the customer.

Provide additional Comment if needed.

Confirm the return by Make Return.

Go to “Sales” > “Exchange/Return” to see the exchanged or returned details of your store.


Video Tutorial: Sale Exchange/Return

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