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Posting Payment to Accounts Receivable

To post payment to Accounts Receivable go to the window “Accounts Receivable” where you will get the list of accounts payment to be received.

  1. Select the record of Accounts Receivable and Double Click or Click Right Mouse and choose “Payment to This Invoice” it will open the windows of Payment Entry.
  2. Supply the value for Amount Paying and the Payment Method then click the Post Payment.
  3. Alternatively you could click the Make Payment and then supply the invoice no to see the details and make payment.


Payment Method:

  1. Adjust Customer Balance: Applicable when the customer has positive balance at your store.
  2. Cash
  3. Check: When customer pays by check, this will not actually make any payment rather it will only record the check payment amount and details, when the check has been cleared come back to this window and make an entry for the check amount as Cash which will make actual payment.


Video Tutorial: Making payment entry to the accounts receivable.

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