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+ New Sale

To make a new sale you should already have your products listed in the database (To list your products go to ” + Add Products & Services”).

  1. Go to “+ New Sale“.
  2. Click “Add New Sale”.
  3. Optionally you could choose your customer if listed in the database.
  4. Select the selling product from the Product/Service* drop down menu, or you could type the product name and matching products will be shown to you to select from.
  5. This will populate the product with its Unit Price, Sales Tax%, ID provided in the database.
  6. Provide the Quantity which is mandatory.
  7. Repeat for the subsequent products to sell.
  8. Select the Payment Method which defaults to Cash if you want to track the various methods of payment received from your clients.2
  9. Provide the Discount amount if applicable and press Enter will show you discounted Amount Total.
  10. To make a cash sale provide the Amount Paid you received from customer (equal to or greater than the sold amount), will show you the Change Amount. To make a credit sale provide a Zero (0) or Partial Amount as Amount Paid.
  11. Click the “Confirm Cash Sale” will print Sales Receipt for cash sale and clicking “Confirm Credit Sale” will print Sales Invoice for credit sale.


Park This Sale: You could park the current sale to complete it later and open and complete a new sale by this option. Clicking “Park This Sale” will park the sale in a new tab named as “Parked Receipt/Invoice” and revert you back to the current sales window ready to accept new sale input. When it’s time to complete the parked sale, go to the parked sale tab and complete it.

Cancel Sale: Cancelling a Sale before or after confirming (“Confirm Sale”) it. By confirming a cancelling Sale, you will be able to a make a new Sale. To cancel a Sale, click the button “Cancel Sale”.


  1. You can change the Unit Price of the item listed to sell.
  2. Lists of Payment Method will be available only when you configure it. Go to Settings > Payment to configure.
  3. By default this will show your sales receipt or invoice, to direct print to printer change the settings from Settings > Print >  Direct Print to Printer.
  4. You could also change the receipt or invoice format from Settings > Print > General/Laser Printer or Thermal/Coil Printer > Template.
  5. You could add custom messages or texts to header or footer of a receipt or invoice from Settings > Print > General/Laser Printer or Thermal/Coil Printer > Header or Footer Text.
  6. Inventory or stock for the product will be adjusted when a product has inventory tracking enabled.


Video Tutorial: Make a new sale.

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