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Quote to Sale

  1. To make sale from quote go to “Show Quotes”.
  2. Select the quote you want to make a sale and right click the mouse choose Quote to Sale from the shortcut actions.
  3. Provide the Amount Paying* value which must be greater than or equal to the Amount Total.
  4. Provide Give Cash Discount value if you made your mind to give a cash discount during cash sale and the Amount Payable will be adjusted accordingly.
  5. Provide the Payment Method which defaults to Cash if you want to track the various methods of payment received from your clients.1
  6. Alternatively you can click Quote to Sale from this window and provide the Quote No will load the quote details and supply the Amount Paying.



  1. Lists of Payment Method will be available only when you configure it. Go to Settings > Payment Processing to configure.
  2. You can make both Cash and Credit sale from a quote.


Video Tutorial: Quote to Sale.


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