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Install Aunko POS

Go to Aunko website and download the Aunko Installer from www.aunko.com/downloads/ page.

Save the installer file in any folder. Execute the Aunko.exe file to start installation.

Click Yes if prompt for allow this app to make changes to your device.

Setup will show the license agreement, carefully read the license agreement.

Choose the I accept the agreement and click Next.

Read the System Requirements and click the Next.

if you want to create desktop shortcuts choose the Create a desktop shortcut and click Next.

Click Install and setup is preparing to install Aunko on your computer will be shown.

Select the Launch Aunko which is default if you want to launch the application right after installed.

Click Finish to complete the Aunko installation.

Note: If installer prompt to “Yes, restart the computer now” or “No, I will restart the computer later“,  select “Yes, restart the computer now”. Upon computer restart from “Start” select Aunko POS and start creating your new store or activating an existing store.

Click the button Read end user license agreement and read the agreement carefully.

Create a new store: If you want to create a new store provide the “Store/Business Email” and “Store/Business Name” and click the “Create Store”. Your new store will be created and a six months trial of Aunko Professional will be activated.

Start using Aunko: If you already have store created on Aunko then supply the registered “Store/Business Email” and click the “Start using Aunko”.

Video Tutorial: How to install Aunko POS

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