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Show Products & Services

Go to “Products & Services” > “Show Products & Services“. All the products and services in the system is listed here with below information.

  • Update: The time when the product added or later updated.
  • Status: Status of your product as Saleable, Under Development, Planned, Not Saleable.
  • Product/Service Id: Generally, starts with a “P- “and followed by a number.
  • Name: Short name of the product.
  • Reorder Needed: When to reorder the product.
  • Unit Price: The selling price.
  • Min. Price: The minimum selling price.
  • Purchase Price: Purchase price of the product.
  • Vat/Tax Percent: Sales tax or VAT percent for the product or service.
  • Barcode: Barcode of the products.


Shortcut Actions:

By right clicking the mouse you will be provided a list of actions to perform.

  1. Find: You can find data by this option.
  2. Sort: You can sort data by clicking over a field or column.
    • For Date type column: Sort Oldest to Newest and Sort Newest to Oldest.
    • For Text type column: Sort A to Z and Sort Z to A.
    • For Numeric type column: Sort Smallest to Largest and Sort Largest to Smallest.
  3. Filter: Put your mouse over a column and right click, you can filter data based on this selected column by Filter By Selection. You can filter by excluding this column by choosing Filter Excluding Selection.
  4. Between: You can search data based on a column values by this option.
  5. View This Product/Service Details: This will open a detail windows of the selected product or service.
  6. Edit This Product/Service: This will open the detail window where you could edit a product or service.
  7. Export to Excel: Export the products or services data to Excel format to further analyze or to share.


Video Tutorial: Show Products & Services, Export to Excel

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