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Do Inventory Transactions

Go to “Products & Services” > “Inventory Transactions“.

Inventory transactions are applicable only to the product that are enabled to inventory tracking.


Inbound Transactions:

To add new items stock to your store select the “Adjustment“, which will open a new window.

Select the product from the list and supply the quantity to be added to the store.

Do the same for the subsequent products.

Finally click the “Save”.

To transfer an item to this store from another store select the “Store Transfer“, select the product and provide  the quantity then click “Save”.

To return the product to your supplier select “Shipping Return“, select the product and provide the quantity then click “Save”.


Outbound Transactions:

When a sale takes place outbound operation takes place automatically for the products that are enabled to tracking.

Other than that you can choose to do some outbound operation from the drop down list as:

  1. Return to Supplier
  2. Shipping for Repair
  3. Shipping for Demo
  4. Gift
  5. Internal Use
  6. Store Transfer


Select the outbound operation, choose the product and click “Save”.


Video Tutorial: Inventory Transactions

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