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+ Add Products & Services

You will be able to add new products or import products from here.

Start by clicking “+ Add Products & Services” it will open a new windows and assign a product id automatically.

Supply the values for below fields:

  • Product/Service: Choose product or service, default is product.
  • Product/Service Id: Automatically assigned, can be changed by user.
  • Product/Service Name: Provide the name of the product.
  • Status: Status of your product as Saleable, Under Development, Planned, Not Saleable.
  • Unit Price: The selling price.
  • Sales Tax/Vat (%): Sales tax or VAT percent for the product, default 0.
  • Min. Price: The minimum selling price.
  • Purchase Price: Purchase price of the product.
  • Quantity Available: When inventory tracking is enabled showing the available quantity, when disabled showing a zero(0).
  • Inventory Tracking: Whether to track inventory for this product, default is Disabled.
  • Reorder Level: When to reorder the product.
  • Bar Code: Product Bar code if available.
  • Weigh (gm/ml): Weight of the product in terms of grams or milliliters.
  • Warranty: Warranty period of the product if present.
  • Alias: Short name of the product.
  • Category: Name of the category assigned.
  • Description: Details of the product.
  • Add Image: Image of the product.

Save Record will save the information you supplied.

New Record/Clear will clear all the fields available for input and sets a new Id fr product/service.

Product Import from .XLS:

It is possible to import product from excel spreadsheet. It is a good idea to initially import all the products into Aunko instead of adding them one by one.

By listing all your available products in an excel sheet and then import it into Aunko you could save a lot of time.

  1. First make an excel spreadsheet with the following fields or columns in the exact name and order or download the sample file Product_Import. Later on listing all your available products information in the excel file just created or downloaded.


  • Id: Supply an id for the products starting with a P- and then numbers of any digits you like. Like P-10, P-101 etc. Starting a product id with P- will let you easily identify a product.
  • Name: Give the product name.
  • UnitPrice: The selling price of the product.
  • Alias: If the product has any short name.
  • Category: If the products belongs to any product category already configured in Aunko.
  • Description: Product description.
  • Weight: Weight of the product in the unit of grams or milliliters.
  • Warranty: Warranty period time, provide number of months.
  • VatTax: percentage of Vat or Sales Tax is applicable to product.
  • Bcode: Bar Code of the product.
  • TrackInventory: Maintain inventory for this product or not, Enabled or Disabled.
  1. Add the Excel spreadsheet by clicking Add File then browse and select the file you have created.
  2. Clicking Import Products will import the products into Aunko.



  1. IdName are the mandatory fields which information for any products should be supplied in the Excel sheet you would create. The others fields if leave blank you will be able to modify later.
  2. If you supply the Category (id) for the products, you should have categories configured in Aunko beforehand that you mentioned in the excel to execute the import operation. Otherwise your products and operations related to products might be misleading or erroneous.
  3. You cannot import existing product by the .XLS importer, it will raise error.


Video Tutorial: Add Products or Services

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