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Edit Customer

Go to “Customers”.

Select a customer from the list and click “Edit Customer“, this will open a new window click “Edit” when done click “Save Record“.

Alternatively select a customer from the list, right click the mouse and select “Edit This Customer“.

The below information could be edited for a customer

  • First Name: First name of your customer.
  • Last Name: Last name of your customer.
  • Street: Street address of your customer.
  • City: Customer’s city.
  • Post: Customer’s post code.
  • Country: Country of customer.
  • Phone: Customer phone number.
  • Email: Email of customer.
  • Date of Birth: Customers date of birth.
  • Credit Limit: Credit limit you have assigned to the customer.
  • Marital Status: Marital status of your customer.
  • Gender: Gender of your customer.
  • Picture: Picture of your customer. Click “Add Image” and browse the folder where the picture of customer is located and select the picture.


Video Tutorial: Edit Customer.

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